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Adaptive Training Procedures for Spirit & Psych. Transformation
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by Valdeane Brown.

Despite advances in computer technology and information processing theory, virtually all clinical Neurofeedback remains based on the simple triggering of feedback events when a single intensity measure (like amplitude) in a certain frequency range (eg 12-15 Hz) has crossed a particular pre-set value or "threshold" of interest. At times these targeting approaches have been made more complex and robust by the use of ratios (eg Theta/Beta), durations (ie. how long), or counts (ie. how many times), alternate metrics (like "coherence") or other analogous derivations but, by and large, the basic model has remained strikingly similar: viz intensity of a singular function within frequency range at certain moments within sessions.

This orientation has also been linked by many to the hope for longitudinal data reflecting clear shifts in the mean values of these various metrics across sessions. However, the outcome data reported by many in the field indicates that there is more diversity among results across these different methods than would be anticipated; and, thus, the search continues for increasingly more refined measures, or metrics, of clinically relevant changes in EEG. This is especially evident and problematic in the context of using Neurofeedback to promote Spiritual Transformation. The desired states and abilities are more diverse, more fundamentally transformative and more comprehensive in their affects throughout the CNS, than those involved in the promotion of Psychological Transformation.

Because of these factors, it seems very important for the field to become conversant with and adept in more comprehensive and "complex" targeting strategies. We have been finding two targeting strategies to be particularly important and useful in promoting Spiritual Transformation, as well as Psychological Transformation. This presentation will describe these two strategies and outline the clinical responses to them that we have seen in our clinical work, all of which involves the use of two channels of EEG with active sensors at C3 and C4, regardless of the client's presentation, complaints, history or desires for the training. The first approach uses what we call "Comprehensive Portals" and is based on the NeuroCare Pro(c) Neurofeedback system. In this Portal, the clinician sees and uses a "comprehensive" array of augments and inhibits that include all of the specific targets described in the Period 3 Approach developed by Valdeane W. Brown and Susan Brown. This means that a complete array of bilateral inhibits is used (including 2-6 Hz and 23-38 Hz), along with a complete array of augments (viz, C3 15-18 Hz, C4 13-15 Hz, bilateral 19-23 Hz, bilateral 38-42 Hz) and a "swing target" of 8-13 Hz, which functions as an augment when eyes are closed, but an inhibit when eyes are open.

In addition, a separate dedicated "Crossover" target is used. All of these targets are used concurrently, not sequentially, which yields a very complex array of triggering possibilities integrating 17 different targets in real-time. The second approach uses arrays of targets based on the observed 7 Hz "harmonics" in the EEG: ie targets center around 7 Hz, 14 Hz, 21 Hz, 28 Hz, 35 Hz and 42 Hz. Both approaches use full autothresholding so that the clinician can most easily "dance with the dendrites" of the client. In particular, it has been fascinating to watch how the CNS itself "coaches" or reduces the feedback that is maximally useful to it from the Comprehensive Portals. The use of these two targeting approaches will be discussed, especially in terms of the dramatic affects produced for both Psychological and Spiritual transformation.


Author: Valdeane Brown

Dr. Valdeane W. Brown is an internationally recognized "trainer of trainers", who teaches and consults widely on personal and organizational transformation and computer systems. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a background in math, physics, computer programming, philosophy, yoga, meditation and martial arts, Dr. Brown brings a presence and precision to his work, informed by a deep sense of compassion, a profound facility with energy dynamics and commitment to revealing the elegant simplicity inherent in learning and transformation. Developer of the Five Phase Model and co-creator with his wife Sue of the Period 3 Approach to Clinical Neurofeedback, Dr. Brown has realized his vision of a truly comprehensive training system in NeuroCARE Pro©, which he personally designed and implemented, meticulously integrating it with Sue’s practical wisdom and experience. Dr. Brown provides comprehensive training, consultation and supervision to fellow professionals and healers as well as his clients, and is frequently called upon by colleagues to assist in resolving difficult clinical situations. His vision in bringing NeuroCARE Pro® to the world is to make personal transformation effortless and available to all.

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