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Clinical Cerebral Blood flow HEG
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Futurehealth Workshop by Hershel Toomin
The CLINICAL HEG WORKSHOP presents the necessary background and hands on experience to begin using HEG in the clinic. This includes:

A Powerpoint presentation of:

Simplicity and advantages of HEG neurofeedback

Basic theory of lighting the brain

Location of brain areas in need of training

Placement of headband to access intended brain area

Instrumentation control

How to recognize good signals

What to do with dark colored hair interference
Care and encouragement of clients
Control of movies to maintain client interest
Recognition of client fatigue
Importance of rest periods

Who Should Take This Course

The workshop is designed for nurses, clinical biofeedback practitioners, primary care physicians, and psychologists.

Course Objectives

Attendees will learn:

1) The simplicity and advantages of HEG neurofeedback
(2) How to locate relevant trainable brain areas
(3) How to use objective tests to assess progress in alleviating brain disorders

Each attendee will learn (1) To identify brain areas in need of training, (2) To verify area selection via objective tests (3) To objectively assess progress of clients. (4) To select proper instrument settings for client conditions. (5) To help the client use trained gains


Author: Hershel Toomim

Lifetime in innovative research resulting in many honors, patents, and pioneering development of biofeedback computer based instrumentation including Biocomp 2010 followed by invention of hemoencephalography (HEG)

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