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Neurofeedback Empowered Memory Revision
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Hershel Toomin. This new concept empowers the neurofeedback therapist with new powers to alter or enhance memory related experiences that interfere with optimal functioning.

This applies to many behavioral problems such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, autism, Aspberger's syndrome, even possibly Alzheimers disease. Building on prior work with HEG the new method empowers flexibility and malleability with frozen memories.

The therapist enhances memory change while maintaining high activation of the brain module while helping the client to experience more productive activity to build improved behavior. As an example: a therapist enhanced memory recall experience can be incorporated in the neurofeedback session

A new article in Science of Feb 17 and in Tuesday's (4/11) Los Angeles Times solidified the idea that the brain is constantly reinventing itself and is pruning old neurons that are marked by injury or inaction. The amazing thing here is not only the birth of new neurons from brain contained stem cells but the high activity levels of these new neurons and their sensitivity to the ongoing stream of perceptions. The neurons in your case are in the left prefrontal cortex where we concentrated your training. The result was a decrease in the strength of earlier memories and resolutions as well as fortification of current events. As we discused many times this was exactly what we tried to do for your brain.

I have now found evidence in other clients of the speed with which this transformation occurs. I never expected such speed before. I am very much excited by this discovery by Dr. Fred Gage of the Salk Institute in La Jolla. It has led to a change in my work. I am now engaged in increasing exposure to positive experience during the heightened activity of neurons targeted by HEG. In your case this might well have been combining your JW experience with HEG. This could have been concurrent or a senario where you relived the experience while maintaining a high level of activity of the targeted neurons. As you can see this opens a wide range of ongoing experiences during HEG activation and even between session home use of the device where dependence on the therapist is limited to occasional consultations to choose the targeted brain areas.  It fits well with my prior work that maintains that the neglected "gold mine" is not the method we use but rather the intensity of the experience we foster during the training phase. This will revolutionize the way neurofeedback is done. I am busy writing a new paper about this discovery.


Author: Hershel Toomim

Lifetime in innovative research resulting in many honors, patents, and pioneering development of biofeedback computer based instrumentation including Biocomp 2010 followed by invention of hemoencephalography (HEG)

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