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Feminine Spirituality and the Root of Balance
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop presentation by Barbara Souter

Anthropological studies indicate that feminine aspects of spirituality are also different than the masculine aspects.  Joseph Campbell found that tradiitonal cultures typically acknowledged that each of us has masculine as well as feminine aspects that come together to define who we are as an individual.  Carl Jung called them the anima and the animus.

Learning to still the mind as in meditation is a powerful tool for the masculine aspects of mind, but there are other important aspects which are often overlooked and which reflect the feminine aspects of spiritual transformation. It is important to take these into account to insure a balanced growth of the spirit. From a shamanic perspective spiritual growth encompasses the "all that we are." Both the masculine and the feminine aspects. The ying and the yang. The positive and negative. They must be nurtured equally.


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