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Healing the Gender Conflict in 3 not so easy steps
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Futurehealth Workshop by Ray Bergen
The stalemate created by the differences between how men and women approach interpersonal issues lies at the heart of every relationship breakdown. This same difference is played out in issues facing humankind, like terrorism or global warming. This workshop demonstrates the archetypal roles that men and women can step into in order to bridge the gap between them. Participants will learn the three steps for moving from breakdown to connection which apply equally to the micro world of our relationship as well as the macro world of politics.


1ST HR: Understanding the nature of these archetypal roles and how they apply to us.
2nd HR: Learning the three steps


Participants will:
1) Understand interpersonal conflict in a whole new way
2) Understand global conflict in a whole new way
3) Gain tools to resolve issues


MP3 (2 hours)   $25.00
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