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Human Energy Systems Research
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Futurehealth Plenary by Gary Schwartz
This workshop will present the latest research from our laboratory on:

(1)electrostatic body movements and the human antenna / receiver effect,

(2)heart focused attention and heart-brain synchrony, (3) measurement of giga hertz activity emitted by the human body, (4) gamma radiation absorption and emission as measures of loving energy and healing, and (5) effects of consciousness and Qi Gong on random event generators and mechanical devices. Implications for the clinical practice of energy medicine and neurotherapy will be discussed.

The presentation will include a demonstration of equipment for measuring 12 giga hertz activity.


1. Describe the measurement of electrostatic body motion and its relationship to healing touch.

2. Describe the measurement of energy cardiology and its relationship to attention.

3. Describe the measurement of gigahertz and gamma ray spectrometry and its relationship to loving energy.


Author: Gary Schwartz

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