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The Afterlife Connection from Theory to Technology, Contemporary Psychological & Biophysical. Brain Mechanisms, Mediumship, Electronic Technologies
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Schwartz, Gary. Futurehealth Workshop
This workshop reviews contemporary theory, research, and applications of afterlife science. New research from the Human Energy Systems Laboratory explores (1) the reality of afterlife phenomena, (2) mechanisms of mediumship, (3) the scoring of mediumship data, and (4) changes in grief patterns following afterlife experiences. Participants will be invited to share their afterlife experiences (e.g. after death communications and signs), their beliefs about the afterlife, and the implications of afterlife science for psychology, medicine, and society.


A. Introduction to afterlife science
B. Sharing of after death communications and signs
C. Alternative explanations of afterlife experience, from imagination to spirit communication.
D. Contemporary methods in investigating afterlife phenomena.
E. Single-blind versus double-blind research
F. Double-deceased paradigm
G. “Drop ins”
H. Psychological and neurological mechanisms
I. Applications to the grieving process
J. New biophoton and related technologies for developing electronic spirit communication devices

A. Define afterlife science, after death communications and signs
B. Analyze evidence consistent with the survival of consciousness hypothesis
C. Compare single-blind and double-blind methodologies
D. Explain evidence obtained from mediumship studies
E. Apply mediumship to grief counseling


Author: Gary Schwartz

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