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Light/Sound Treatment in Addition to SMR/Beta Neurofeedback Training Accelerates the Normalization of Negative ADD/ADHD Symptoms
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Uwe Gerlach.

It is a matter of fact that light/sound stimulation of any kind changes the mood of a trainee during or directly after the stimulation. If the trainee is in an agitated mood a frequency down stimulation from Beta to Alpha or even Theta is best suited to calm him down. This can be proven by a 1- or 2- channel EEG measurement probably yielding a lowering of the amplitudes of this higher frequency bands.

On the contrary an initial low arousal mood should be stimulated by higher light frequencies (low to high Beta range) in order to activate the nervous system of the trainee. A subsequent neurofeedback training may mainly reveal a lowering of the amplititudes of Theta and Alpha bands.

In many cases we observed that the quick but short-time changes of the amplitudes associated with light/sound stimulation facilitate and accelerate the normalization process and sympton relief.


Author: Uwe Gerlach

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