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Mindfulness and Neurofeedback: Integral Treatment of ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression
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Futurehealth Workshop by Al Collins Mindfulness and neurofeedback complement one another and form the basis for a multimodal approach to psychopathology. Neurofeedback trains focal attention and a relaxed attitude; mindfulness makes the learning from neurofeedback available during daily life. In addition, mindfulness deepens and refines the attitude required for optimal learning during neurofeedback.
This workshop will demonstrate my way of working with a variety of kinds of psychopathology using Buddhist mindfulness practice and neurofeedback together. The aim is to train clients to use the skills learned in the office during neurofeedback training in daily life. Homework practice involves daily self rating and practice of mindfulness, remembering of focal attention during neurofeedback, and usually autonomic techniques (HRV breathing and hand warming). The workshop aims to give participants a sense of how to integrate mindfulness with a neurofeedback practice to enhance both modalities.


Author: Al Collins

Al Collins has Ph.D.s in two fields, Indian studies and clinical psychology. His professional and scholarly work involves integrating these areas. A neurofeedback practitioner for eight years, he has published widely in Indian psychology, Jungian psychology, psychoanalysis, mens' psychology, and the psychology of film.

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