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ProComp Infiniti system with Cardiopro Software

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Thought Technology Ltd.. Cardiopro is a specialized physiological monitoring and biofeedback application for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It can perform real-time feedback on respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) and heart rate variability (HRV) from an electrocardiography (EKG) or blood volume pulse (BVP) sensor. The system can also monitor other key physiological functions, such as respiration, temperature and skin conductance, for the most complete view on your client's physiology. With a simple graphic user interface and comprehensive reporting features, CardioPro lets you easily flow through the steps of recording, reviewing, and analyzing data. CardioPro is powerful enough for research applications, yet remains flexible for clinical work.
  • On-the-fly cut-off frequency adjustments
  • In session impedance checking
  • Manual and auto threshold instruments with user-specified target percentage of time
  • Real-time epoch statistics for instant trend graphing
EEG Suite<br /><br />Standard and user-defined protocols<br />The EEG Suite 4.0 includes new Z-Score training screens and new coherence training screens with dual-threshold range training. It offers over 80 display screens for many standard EEG protocols, including an outstanding alpha-theta training screen and a number of template-style screens for training with 3, 6 or 10 user-defined EEG bands. The standard protocols can be used for training alpha amplitude (range), alpha peak frequency, alpha theta, beta amplitude, SMR amplitude, theta beta, theta SMR and wide band inhibit. <br /><br />The EEG Suite also provides you with advanced tools for assessment and follow-up, including pre and post-training baseline assessment scripts and a 4-activity EEG assessment script for recording baselines with eyes-open, eyes-closed, and during a mental challenge and a listening task. <br /><br />Included Physiological Components<br />The EEG suite incorporates a set of EEG screens which combine most useful physiological feedback elements. You can, for example, run a neurofeedback session, training 3 user-defined EEG bands, and do basic heart rate variability biofeedback at the same time or train EEG with EMG, skin conductance and temperature.


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