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Success Builds Sucess: Beyond the Double Blind
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Gary Schummer Neurofeedback has many roads to success, depending on the definition of success. A model of success beyond that offered through research will be presented. We're speaking of the creation of many well managed effective treatment centers.
For Neurotherapy to be accepted into the mainstream, the scientific establishment has held out the threshold of the double blind study. Many within our field continue to work to overcome this threshold of acceptability. Others, like myself, believe successful double blind studies are but one way toward universal acceptance. Additionally things will likely not change significantly after several double blind studies are completed. If we examine parallel models we find that other treatment approaches that were once outside mainstream medicine gained acceptance due simply to overwhelming grass roots support and thoughtful clinic establishment. So to, the field of Neurofeedback has much to gain from this method coupled with research.


Dr. Schummer, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, is certified in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Pain Management. He has been a contributor to these fields for close to 25 years. His recent work includes:
# Pacific Center for Behavioral Medicine (1993-present)
# Qualified Medical Examiner: State of California, QME #4325 (1992-present)
# Independent Medical Examiner (IME): State of California (1992-present)
# Psychologist: Pain Management Center, St. Mary's Medical Center, Long Beach (1994-present)
# Executive Vice President: Pacific Center for AIDS Research, Inc., Los Angeles (1995-present)

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