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The Future of Consciousness
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Pamela Jaye Smith THE FUTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS What Myth and Metaphysics Foresee. What Science Observes. What Media Shapes. What Imagination Creates.

My talk will include a video showing how "sound creates form" to illustrate that any lasting changes must come from the inside out, from consciousness to matter.

The spine of the talk will be that the Future of Consciousness might well be as posited in many interpretations of many cultures' predictions of the transition from Tribal to Individual to Group Consciousness.

To that end, I?ll be giving examples of these transitions in myths (the myths of Prometheus and Gilgamesh), history (the Vikings evolving into the contemporary Scandinavian socially supportive countries), and science and technology (the internet, artificial intelligence).

We'll look briefly at patterns of progression, and at the end of each section I?ll be posing questions: Here?s the progress so far in this arena (stem cells, space exploration, the UN), where are we going next?


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