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The Tao of Neurotherapy Flexyx' approach to traumatic brain injury
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Larsen, Stephen & Robin. Futurehealth Plenary
Based on his work with Dr. Len Ochs' "Flexyx" Neurotherapy, now amounting to thousands of hours of treatments for a variety of disorders--and for optimal performance candidates--including the author himself and colleagues, Stephen Larsen develops a coherent theory which shows how human responses can vary from rigidity and stereotypic behaviors, to flexibility, metacognition and mindfulness. Depression and anxiety both are examined as functional distortions, and a model of mental/emotional health through flexibility developed.


Author: Stephen Larsen

Dr. Stephen Larsen is certified by both AIBT and BCIA in eeg, licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in New York State, as well as licensed as a 1 on 1 HeartMath provider, and certified as a LENS master teacher. He has been practicing Biofeedback and Neurofeedback since 1970. He is the Author or editor of ten books on subjects as varied as shamanism, mythology, consciousness, and neurofeedback.

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