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Bio-Q Ring Instructions

read like a clock


BIO-Q Stress Prevention Ring

For Biofeedback, Prevention, Stress Monitoring and Control

Learning HOW and WHEN to Relax is at your fingertips! The BIO-Q Ring detects stressed-caused changes in finger temperature (caused by constricted blood vessels).

RE-ORDERED BY: Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, Menninger


THE BIO-Q Principle (The Cold Hands Stress Response)

When stress or tension build, your body responds by reducing blood flow to your extremities (hands and feet) and your digestive tract. Your fingers get cooler as their blood supply is reduced.

The BIO-Q uses the world's smallest precision thermometer to monitor changes in finger temperature so you can get an early warning when your stress level begins to rise. Usually, without the BIO-Q, you realize too late that your stress level is rising. By the time you feel anxious, on edge, irritable, in pain or whatever discomfort or decreased performance capacity stress produces in you, it's too late to do anything about it. The BIO-Q gives you a valuable early warning stress alert so you can get stress under control before unwanted symptoms appear.


The BIO-Q thermometer is like to straight mercury thermometer wrapped into a circle, into a clock face, with the low temperature end starting at one o'clock. Wear the BIO-Q for 5 minutes to find you normal, the furthest clockwise spot is the "lit" green (blue if not green). Read the BIO-Q like a watch. Temperature increases as the "lit" spot moves further clockwise or if your green spot turns blue. Temperature decreases if your normal spot turns from blue to green or from green to yellow or brown, or if your normal spot turns black and an "earlier" counterclockwise spot "lights" up green. Twelve o'clock is above the B in BIO-Q or is above the arrow depending on the BIO-Q thermometer you have. With a little practice, you'll read the BIO-Q at a glance, like a watch. When you are at your warmest, the center will "light". For fun, see what activities light up the BIO-Q in your life.


Please do not use the BIO-Q without reading this"If you are taking medications or are under the care of a physician for specific medical problems you should consult with your doctor before using the BIO-Q to learn handwarming self regulation, since you may become relaxed enough so you no longer need medication, especially for high blood pressure, pain or anxiety.



Bio-Q Stress Cards--great wallet biofeedback tools.

BIO-Q RELAXATION INSTRUCTION CASSETTE: by K. Sedlacek, M.D. (St. Luke's Hospital, Columbia Medical School) & R. Kall, M. ED., inventor of the BIO-Q ring. Music by Mu-Psych Music... Detailed instructions of early warning stress detection and control, guided relaxation exercise. $12.95, $9.95 with proof of BIO-Q product purchase ($4.50 shipping).

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HOW TO USE THE BIO-Q Thermometer

1.) Early warning stress alert: Given a steady environmental temperature, your finger should stay a steady temperature. Wear the BIO-Q for 5 minutes, then take a reading. That's your normal temperature for the situation and place you are in. If your finger temperature drops, then that suggests your stress level is beginning to rise, perhaps a cue for you to relax, or even change the activity you're engaged in.

2.) Relaxation biofeedback trainer: After muscle relaxation, temperature biofeedback for handwarming is the most common relaxation self-regulation technique used at major medical and university facilities. When you warm your hands, you are reversing the cold hands stress response. You can do this "inside the skin" without rubbing your hands together or putting them under hot water, which will not produce a relaxation response. Use the Bio-Q like a Geiger counter to detect what relaxation strategies work best for maximizing your relaxation response as reflected by warmer hands. The USA's most respected medical institutions give the BIO-Q to patients, top corporations and the Federal Government give the BIO-Q to high level executives, and athletic teams have their athletes use the BIO-Q to minimize the unwanted effects of stress and maximize performance potential.


Treat the BIO-Q like you would a contact lens or a fine camera. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light rays can alter the thermometer's temperature response. Avoid exposing it to the sun. When you are driving your car, reverse the ring so it is palm side up (or take it off if you can't hold the wheel safely and comfortably). Small bubbles in the face of the ring are not defects, but natural products of the manufacturing process.

Notice: The BIO-Q is simply a thermometer device. It can be used for various measurement applications, but no claims are made about its effectiveness in treating, curing or diagnosing health or illness.



The sized, single casting BIO-Q ring is warranted against defects for 30 days from the date of purchase (60 days if prescribed by health care provider with proof of purchase or prescription), excluding normal wear on the metal finish and magnifying stone, damage due to misuse or excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. Within the 30 (or 60) day period, the BIO-Q ring will be repaired or replaced at no charge (if defective). We make no other claims about the adjustable or vinyl band rings except that the thermometers are working properly when shipped. Include proof of purchase and $6.00 for shipping and handling. After 30 days, for the remainder of the sized ring's LIFETIME, it may be sent back for replacement with an $10.00 payment, which includes shipping and handling. Send to: Futurehealth, Inc., 211 N. Sycamore Street, Newtown, PA  18940.