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Company Endorsements

"Futurehealth has for more than 15 years helped to significantly advance the development of biofeedback through its products and excellent annual conferences."

Joel Lubar, Ph.D., researcher, EEG biofeedback pioneer

"I've been doing biofeedback since 1980 and as far as I'm concerned, Futurehealth is the gold standard."

Alan Torpa, Ph.D, psychologist, Mt. Gilead, Ohio

"I was happy to buy from Futurehealth because I feel Rob, as an experienced biofeedback therapist, really knows what he is talking about. He gave me very helpful and impartial advice. I appreciated that he made the time to talk on the telephone, both pre-sales and post. I would buy from Rob again."

Glyn Blackett, psychotherapist, United Kingdom

"I have used Futurehealth for equipment & supplies for 25 years. They have provided excellent service & advice on Biofeedback."

Keith Sedlacek M.D., psychiatrist, NY City

"I started doing business with Futurehealth 21 years ago, getting training and then equipment. They've always been a trusted, reliable source of products and information to help make our biofeedback program continually successful."

Howard Adelman, Ph.D., psychologist, Cherry Hill, New Jersey