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Neurofeedback Systems

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Roshi EEG Biofeedback Synchrony & Sound/Light EEG Entrainment Integrated System

The Roshi is Unique in a Number of WAYS
*The ROSHI is a complete, self-contained two/four channel EEG neurofeedback and and training system. It comes with an EEG amplifier, a set of light emitting goggles and an AMIGA computer and monitor (ROSHI, with it's high perforamnce multi-media capabilities, was developed before the IBM became capable of sophisticated multimedia performance). .

ROSHI offers a combination of features not found on any other EEG biofeedback system.

First, its feedback response time is extraordinarily fast. It is capable of responding to scalp events on a time scale of about 30 milliseconds - that's 0.03 of a second - the fastest response time of any computerized system.

Second, it has seven feedback functions:

  • Light Flash Feedback ("Talos-4" function):
  • Bi-Hemispheric Spectral Amplitude Reduction Training:
  • Bi-Hemispheric Amplitude Stability Training: Neural Efficiency Training:
  • Synchrony Training:
  • Light Flash Assisted Single Hertz Uptraining:
  • Inter-Hemispheric Light Flash Training.