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Optimal Functioning Coaching, Consultation, Training & Supervision

with Rob Kall, M.Ed.

Entrepreneurial/business coaching, Business/Practice building , Business Development
Self Esteem, Dream, Passion, Vision Building, Publicity/PR
Positive Experience Skill Enhancement, life motivation, planning, prioritizing, Stress management,
Winning at Divorce

It’s hard to separate them out-- consultation, coaching, training, supervision-- because they do overlap.

Consultation: Rob offers consultation to professionals and businesses to aid them in adding, developing, integrating their biofeedback and related health psychology, Behavioral Medicine and Mind/Body/Spirit enterprises and projects. The hourly consultation fee for this service is $175 per hour. Often a single hour of consult time can be worth thousands in ideas which bootstrap your resources and energies, saved time, avoided mistakes, and effective strategies. Rob Can also help you clarify your options, goals and directions you want to go with your project, whether it is starting or expanding a practice, developing a product, creating a company or going after a new market.

Biofeedback supervison: Rob offers supervision towards certification for people on the certification path. The fee for this is $125 for a 50 minute "hour," or $1125 for a block of 10.

Coaching: Rob offers coaching to individuals who want to function at a more optimal level-- whether it is going into some aspect of the mind, body, heart, spirit, business, or --if you want to learn more about how to function more effectively and optimally in your life, incorporating self awareness, Positivity, self responsibility and self control.
Fee: $200 for four 25 minute phone coaching sessions (usually one or two per week with you paying phone charges,
minimum time contract 4 sessions ($200 total,) pre-paid.

Rob can help you:

--as a counselor, with 20+ years of experience helping people to face their weaknesses and challenges and build on their strengths.
--As an entrepreneur with 20 years+ experience, Rob can be a valuable coach to both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs and executives, dealing with goals, strategies, priorities.

-as one who has established several successful practices. For Psychologists and other mental health practioners opening or expanding a practice. Rob has extensive experience in PR, (including getting PR with a very low or non-existent budget) getting international coverage for his own work. He has taught workshops on PR and is the PR committee chair for AAPB.

-As a single custodial parent of three children.

Rob offers both practical business experience and the unique ability to help people identify where their dreams and passions are. You'll work on focusing your energy , learning strategies and building skills to move you in a way which brings you closer to realizing them.

You deserve to be happy and feel good. Rob is an expert, who has taught over 1000 psychologists, nurses, teachers, physicians, psychiatrists, etc. how to help others turn on their happiness response by building skills for feeling good, having positive experiences and being happy.

Creativity is another area in which Rob has great expertise, including having written a Writer's Digest cover article; How To Generate Hundreds of Salable Ideas for its 200,000+ writer/readers.

Individual personal or professional training in biofeedback is also available.

"When I was in graduate school (M.Ed. Counseling Psych, Temple University, 1979) my professor told me I had my headin the clouds and my feet on the ground. I think this combination gives me some unique abilities to function as a "practical visionary." Rob Kall


Rob Kall, M.Ed.
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