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Assessment Surface EMG: Static & Dynamic

4 or 8 channel dynamic sEMG windows system for desktops and notebooks

Assessment Surface EMG: Static & Dynamic

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FUTUREHEALTH'S systems use the highest quality instrumentation and have many more years of research, development and user feedback invested in them than our often higher priced competitors. Our systems are designed for clinicians who want the highest quality combined with the easiest software made practical and efficient for everyday use in a busy practice. That means robust, sturdy technology made to last and software which makes your life easier, not more complicated.

Futurehealth Inc. has been providing EMG equipment to the Chiropractic market since the early 1980's, long before any other company providing EMGs to Chiropractors. It has seen numerous chiropractic EMG companies go out of business or simply fade away. FUTUREHEALTH is in the EMG business for the long haul. Our products have always been at the cutting edge. leasing the field, introducing innovations. Yet, because we also market to the rest of the health care market (competing against a dozen other EMG vendors), we keep our prices lower than the handful of chiropractic only EMG companies. You get the benefit of power, versatility, credibility and lower pricing.

Why Add Surface EMG to Your practice?

The Power of EMG in The Cash Only Practice

EMG in Practice Marketing & Building
Patient Education and Motivation

Surface EMG has emerged as one of the most powerful tools available for demonstrating progress to your patients. Consultants and trainers at numerous, prominent national Chiropractic seminars are recommending surface EMG as a powerful patient motivation and retention tool because it helps show Chiropractic results-- elimination of the subluxation complex. Changes in muscle EMG activity and asymmetry are reported to be powerful indicators you can use to show progress and motivate patients to continue treatment.

EMG Hardware & Software:

  • A system consists of EMG hardware and EMG software.
  • The hardware connects to the computer and is used to scan the sites being assessed. Static EMG uses scanners, Dynamic/kinesiologic EMG uses attached adhesive electrodes. FUTUREHEALTH offers numerous hardware EMG instrumentation platforms.
  • It is the software which guides the protocol, the technician, generates the imaging, the report and prints out the color graphics. Our software is what makes us special.
EMI/CAM Scan static Muscle imaging
  • Static paraspinal scanning is a quick (3-12 minutes depending on protocol) approach to getting an idea of muscle activity levels from face to neck to low back. EMI scan takes the electrical activity, converts it to numbers and dramatic color graphic information you can easiliy print out. Repeat the procedure every so often to monitor changes which may reflect progress.
  • Static scanning is fast, but it only tells about the state of muscles at rest, in a seated or standing posture. Dynamic/kinesiological EMG collects EMG signal data during movement.
  • Graphics are exceptional. They make the EMG signal understandable to patients, adjusters, attorneys.
  • We include head and face muscles (some patients do experience headaches, TMJ, etc.)
  • The automated interpreter and semi-automated report generator is excellent.

Physiotech Dynamic Kinesiologic EMG

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  • four and eight channel dynamic sEMG systems with friendly software for easy measurement of EMG during movement
  • Kinesiologic EMG enables you to evaluate the role of indibvvidual muscle groups in routine movements-- raising from seated to standing, walking, rotating, flexion-extension, lifting, typing at a keyboard.
  • The theory is, by observing multiple bilateral and or antagonist muscle pairs, you can better understand their contribution to maladaptive bracing, spasm, or excessive inhibition patterns. 4 or 8 channel EMG enables you to observe more muscles than you could palpate or visually watch. It allows you to quantify the data, so you can objectify it for monitoring of progress.
audio and video tapes from World's 1st Advanced Applied Clinical Surface EMG Meeting/Colloquium