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EEG Biofeedback Practice Success Package

EEG Biofeedback Practice Success Package
Three workshop DVDs in a package deal price
Insurance and Practice Management
-Marketing Strategies
-Practice Promotion Using Public presentations (
acknowledged as the most powerful practice building strategy.)
Successful Neurofeedback Practice Strategies
W9E2 S.Louise Norris information on building your practice, insurance billing, marketing, dealing with insurers, client finance topics.
Marketing and Expanding your Neurofeedback Practice WB52-2
Brian Wolpert,
workshop covering methods of expanding and marketing your clinical practice. Learn how to more effectively market your services, and expand the size of your practice. Topics covered include: expanding the reach of your activities, turning potential clients into actual clients, developing marketing materials, where to find free marketing opportunities, creating strategic alliances, using the internet, remote training, targeted marketing. presentations that work.
Recommended for all clinicians looking to pick up new ideas for practice expansion.
Paul Swingle W046-2
How to Put together and Line up Talks to Laymen and Professionals to build your practice and increase public & Professional Awareness.
The workshop will provide participants with an understanding of how to put together, organize and make arrangements to present talks on your services to lay and profesional groups. The workshop will be both didactic and demonstration.
-know important contents to include in a presentation
-know how to contact key people for setting up talks
-know common questions to anticipate will be asked.
Three workshops in a package deal price $129.99 ($147 if each DVD purchased separately)
$119 if ordered at the same time you order the Neurofeedback Video Foundations course.
Shipping $12 in US
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