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Transformation : Personal and Planetary

Transpersonal growth and making the world a better place.


Whether you want to take steps towards personal growth and transformation, or take action to change the planet and make the world a better place, we have resources you can use to get started or to move yourself further along.

audio tapes for Personal Transformation

Transformation Abstracts abstracts from the annual  Winter Brain and the Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology Meetings.

Alexispiritua; the spiritual counterpart ot alexithymia


Positivity Central Taking our science, knowledge and arts about positive psychology, states, feelings and experiences to the next level-- free articles, book chapters on the anatomy of positive experience.

Optimal Functioning  & Peak Performance Central

Enlightenment Central Helping you learn to trust your Heart

World Transformation: A cornucopia of great things happening in the World

The Giraffe Project:   people who stick their necks out for the common good;

New Earth Network:  people working to make the planet better

GSR & Bilateral Metering Course Extensive free on-line course teaching basic and advanced biofeedback monitoring skills in the context of transformational psychotherapy. With PDF for download. This is a very different approach to biofeedback than that espoused by AAPB, BCIA and conventional biofeedback practitioners. We don't endorse it or contradict it since we don't know enough about it, But it's an interesting way to explore applied psychophysiology.