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The Inevitability of Healing: Verbal First Aidâ„¢ for Recovery from Surgery and Illness

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1. Inevitability

There are certain things that are inevitable, given the proper conditions. The sun rises and sets. Winds blow and branches bend. You focus on one thing and forget the other. The following is just one example of how this metaphor can be utilized with demonstrations from nature:

"Trees lose their leaves so water can be stored in the roots and trunks and branches and small animals hibernate to maintain their weight and their strength. Every time a leaf falls from a tree a bud is revealed. It may not open till spring but it is there, it is there"..it is there".All that is there. So that when it is the right time and the sun inevitably warms the ground, all of nature uncovers itself, unfurls like a flag in a gentle breeze."


"It is inevitable in nature that we see one thing, but not the other. We focus on one sensation and forget the one we just had before. We look toward the horizon and pay no more mind to where we've been

2. Natural and Obvious Examples of Ordinary Healing

"That you heal in ways you are not only unaware of, but you do not need to do anything, not a thing, to make it happen"it just happens. Everyone's been cut on the finger and put a band aid on it and then".like everyone else you forget about it until one day".you take the band aid off or it slips off and your skin is healed, knitted together seamlessly as if a cut had never occurred"And who knows how that happens?"

3. Personal Experiences

If you know a person well enough, you can recall for her certain instances in which she thought that she would never do or feel "x" again, but she did.

"I bet you remember when you had that cold and it felt like you would never see the end of that runny nose but you did. And the cold came and went the way your hair grows. You can't see it growing, but it does all the time and then there's that one moment you can be surprised to find out that it's long enough to fit into a pony tail"and the discomfort is gone and you're better."

All metaphors and suggestions for healing are best when they are individualized, tailored to the moment and the person. But these can serve as pocket reminders for you to use with yourself and anyone else you wish to help at any time.

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Judith Acosta, LISW, CHT is a licensed psychotherapist and clinical homeopath in private practice in Placitas and Albuquerque. Her areas of specialization include the treatment of anxiety, depression, and trauma. She has appeared on both television (more...)

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