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Review: Open Focus Brain-- a landmark book that explores how we pay attention and how to do it better

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This is an important, groundbreaking book that promises to become a classic that could very well become more and more widely read over the decades.

More than any other book, it reminds me of Herbert Benson's RELAXATION RESPONSE. Just as Benson took a simple concept-- relaxation-- and created a landmark book on how to do it... simply, Les Fehmi, with co-author Jim Robbins, has laid out an approach to attention that is remarkable in its simplicity and power to change lives.

As Fehmi points out, our lives, our experiences, all we know, are determined by how we pay attention. The process of paying attention is usually something we ignore. Yet, Fehmi teaches, we can easily learn how to become aware of how we are paying attention and then voluntarily pay attention as we choose to.

Fehmi walks us through the ways that narrowed, inflexible attention leads to stress and stress disorders, depression, reduced performance, even diminished relationships. The good news is he provides practical, easy to learn and implement techniques which work-- and quickly, at that.

I first learned the Open Focus technique from Les Fehmi 30 years ago. I've used them ever since in my life and as a trainer and consultant teaching newcomer physicians, psychologists, counselors, educators, etc. the field of biofeedback and self regulation. I've taught hundreds of practitioners this technique because I believe it is very effective and powerful.

This book has been long overdue and will be highly valuable to both lay readers and professional psychologists. Fehmi's co-author Jim Robbins is an extraordinary writer who has helped Fehmi to take his ideas and put them into a fun and fascinating to read language that makes this book almost as engaging as a great novel.

Dr. Fehmi has been a consultant to the Dallas Cowboys, Golf Pros, ther US Olympic team and so many others who have benefited from these techniques. He's polished and fine tuned them with biofeedback and brain assessment technologies. This means that, unlike many techniques, Open Focus has been objectively measured and tested with brain wave technologies such as neurofeedback devices and brain maps.

Ask yourself. How much thought have you given to the way YOU pay attention. What are the parameters you assess? What "handles" do you have for modulating and adjusting your attention for different situations? Most people don't have good answers to these questions. This book provides them.

Some people will approach this book as a self-help book for healing disorders caused by stress, anxiety, etc.

Some will, like the pro teams and players who have hired Dr. Fehmi, approach this book as an aid to help improve performance, to reach peak performance and optimal functioning.

Some will seek out this book to help their personal relationships.

Some will approach it as a map for achieving higher consciousness and or spiritual deepening.

All will find answers that will make a difference in their lives and work.

As the founder organizer of one of the world's largest biofeedbac meetings, my job has been to bring together the best and the brightest leaders. Les Fehmi has, with his wife Susan, always been one of the best. The presentations have always drawn big crowds of other experts and leaders in the fields of biofeedback, peak performance, positive psychology, neurofeedback, stress management, meditation and relaxation. The experts come to hear Fehmi because he combines science and solid theory with practical, easy to use techniques. This book does the same thing.

This is one of the few books I'd like my adult children to read, and I'll be passing on copies to any of my employees who want to read it too.

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One theme has run through my work for the past 40 plus years-- a desire to play a role in waking people up, raising their consciousness and empowering them. I was the organizer founder of the Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meetings and president of Futurehealth, Inc., with interests in (more...)

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