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#1 4/20/2012 Improving the Quality of Health Care from Within (Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan) Faith is essential for healing to take place regardless of the kind of treatment that is actually given. Where there is faith, the feeling is positive and this helps the body's built-in mechanisms of healing. The quality of health care would eventually depend on how well the various aspects of health care are synchronized to supplement and support the central nature of faith and the hidden reality of mind-body-spirit medicine.
#2 11/7/2010 What health treatment system treats multiple symptoms simultaneously? (Dr. Kathleen Albertson, L. Ac., PhD) Acupuncture and herbal medicine holds secrets to returning you to your optimum vitality. Do you want to feel dramatically physically and emotionally better? Then Acupuncture and herbal medicine is for you. Here's 4 Reasons Why:1 1 Comment Count
#3 9/1/2010 Health Care Needs a Fundamentally New Approach (Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan) Health of man is considered to have the components of physical, mental and social well-being. The state of spiritual health of an individual being intangible is left out. This has perforce reduced the consideration of man as a sum of parts, whose malfunction lead to a diseased state. Recent advances in psychology and psychoneuroimmunology now suggest that spiritual health needs to be rightfully included in Health Care matters.
#4 6/16/2010 More Indian Than Thou (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) More Indian Than Thou is a current artefact of blood quantum discussion. It disenfranchises many, and seems to contain some of the same political aspects as our oppressors. This article addresses the question of Indian identity. Can a person be an Indian without being enrolled in a tribe. Can a person claim Native American heritage without tribal enrollment and endorsement? What are the politics of "Indianness"?1 1 Comment Count

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