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#1 3/18/2011 Narrativizing is the first step at becoming indigenous friendly -- Day 8 (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) On Day 8, we asked how do we transform health care to become more indigenous friendly, whether it's mental health care of general medical care. The answer that jumped out was to implement narrative practice. Indigenous cultures are virtually uniformly cultures of story in which stories matter greatly. Being heard means having the opportunity to tell one's stories. "Treatment" begins by hearing and acknowledging stories.1 1 Comment Count
#2 1/18/2011 What we can learn from Tucson and why not to overreact! (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) The recent tragedy in Tucson has led some commentators to demand more inpatient beds, easier commitment laws, and forced treatment with medication. I argue that none of this would have stopped Mr. Loughner, since he had not come to anyone's attention yet. We need to refrain from overreacting and further stigmatizing the mentally ill, who are, by and large, not violent, and we need to think about ways to reach out more.1 1 Comment Count
#3 12/19/2010 Hearing Voices and Seeing Visions: What to do? (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) Once upon a time, in most of the world's societies, hearing voices and seeing visions was honored and desired. In contemporary, modern culture it has become the one symptom that allows an immediate diagnosis of a psychotic disorder. In this essay, I write about the downside of pathologizing voices, while still acknowledging that many people suffer enormously from voices and negative visions. I describe how to be healing.1 1 Comment Count
#4 6/19/2010 Developmental Neurodiversity Association (Raymond Andrews) One man's experiences as neurodivergent leading him to get involved in the Neurodiversity Movement by starting a nonprofit to help others like himself.

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