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Lincoln Stoller: Sorcery For Scientists An exhortation to expand your understanding beyond the bounds of reason. 1 1 Comment Count
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Rescue: When is it Unethical? An under explored ethical area is that of what Michael Ortiz Hill, in his marvelous new book, The Craft of Compassion, has called professional narcissism. This is when we need our clients to get well for our own needs. Of course, we want to think that we are effective and can help people, but the more we think this way and the less we think of dialogical resolution where each contributes to the outcome, the more harm we do. 1 1 Comment Count
Rob Kall: Positive Perception: Learn to See the World You Want: Self Regulation of selective perceptual filtering Taking Control of Creating A Positive Attitude and A Positive Way to See the World,

Judith Acosta: Leaving the Wilderness Alive: How to Survive The Worst When All You've Got is You. Mental survival-regardless of where a person is, whether that's in the extremes of battle or a backpacking expedition-is often a matter of recalling or being made aware of the resources one already has--particularly words. What we think, we become. Literally.

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