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Hyla Cass: Nutrients to Unplug and Recharge Your Body and Mind Stress seems inevitable, and takes its toll on our health and well-being. Do you recognize any of these signs? Stress Check • Do you have difficulty relaxing? • Do you feel irritable? • Do you have a dry mouth and sweaty palms? • Do you worry about little events of the day and are unable to shut your mind off? • Do you take on too much? • Do you eat quickly? • Do you have problems sleeping?

Tom Collura: Connection, Inhibition and Path-Specific Relaxation Training The brain is a hyperconnected system, containing on the order of 10 billion neurons, each of which can have hundreds or thousands of connections to other neurons. The brain depends on dynamically managing trillions of connections, to regulate the interactions between all of its parts. How are all of these connections managed toward useful ends? The key lies in the ability to network to selectively enable or disable conn...
Tom Collura: THE NEURO-RELAXATION PARADIGM Neuronal Regulation is a key concept in neurofeedback. Rather than being a trivial concept related to a simple relaxation state, neurorelaxation means affecting the brain at its most dynamical level, implementing change that is transformational in nature.
Jon Rhodes: Relaxation And Stress Effects of long term stress are not to be taken lightly. Although they cannot always be seen, the effects of stress can lead to serious physical, as well as mental health problems.

Rob Kall: Handwarming from the Inside out; Thermal / Temperature Biofeedback Have you warmed your hands lately? How about your feet? Thousands of people do it every day and they don't do it by putting their hands or feet under warm running water or by holding warm clothes, straight out of the dryer. They do it from the inside out. Why would they do it? To help symptoms of stress, anxiety, headache, high blood pressure, Raynauds, diabetes, arthritis and more.

Tom Collura: NEUROFEEDBACK - WHAT TO DO (OR NOT DO) Neurofeedback is a process, not a job. When practitioners and trainees approach EEG training as a process of allowing, not doing, results will be forthcoming.
Belleruth Naparsteck: Finally Figuring Out What Helps Troops with Posttraumatic Stress We're finally figuring it out, people. Research from around the country is giving us the keys to helping our traumatized troops coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq. The only problem is, it will be at least a year - maybe two - before these studies are published.
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Erik Peper: From Technostress to Technohealth work stress, caused by long hours, sitting at computer stations, causes pain and worst-- technostress-- even with ergonomic interventions. This program added coaching and self regulation biofeedback training to produce enhanced health-- technohealth.

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