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Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan: Quantum View of Medicine Medicine needs to be understood in a 'quantum' rather than the 'continuum' way if the observed phenomena in the world of medicine are to be fully accounted for. When a disease understood to be nearly incurable by conventional medicine and is cured by an unexplained alternative medicine, it is usually overlooked or disregarded as an 'exception'. The quantum view of medicine can explain such apparent variations or exceptions. 2 2 Comment Count

Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan: Improving the Quality of Health Care from Within The quality of health care would eventually depend on how well the roles of the health care professional, health care facilities, medical advances and medical education are synchronized to supplement and support the central nature of faith and the hidden reality of mind-body-spirit medicine.
Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan: Bliss Feedback Therapy An "associate' of bliss is made use of in meditation. A pitfall in meditation is to start believing this "associate' of bliss as real, pushing the bliss itself to the background.
Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan: The Unlimited Potential of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine Mind-body-spirit medicine allows the unknown to be tackled by the body's built-in mechanisms. Thus the therapeutic potential of mind-body-spirit medicine is unlimited, while the purely biomedical approach confines itself to limits set by the logical mind. 1 1 Comment Count

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