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Rob Kall: James Cutting; Shot by shot, films have evolved to resemble the natural rhythms of the brain. I found an article about James Cutting's work in the NY Times' list of most popular articles. Professor Cutting studies scene length patterns in movies. The subtitle of the article was "Shot by shot, films have evolved to resemble the natural rhythms of the brain."

Rob Kall: Interview with Joel Lubar-- ADHD, LORETA, Z-Scores, History Dr. Joel LubarSome notes taken during the interview: early experiments in 1973, 1974 with Sterman's protocol suggested it would help MBD conrolled double blind study 75, 76 Wrote book, Behavioral approaches to neurology 1981 Woman's day magazine published in 1991 was a breakthrough article boy in clinic did really well and mother was a freelancer. Article got such widespread distribution got 6500 inquiries from around
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Rob Kall: Karl Pribram, M.D. on a new scientific revolution, amygdala, holographic brain, triune brain, Breaking new ground, EEG and Z scores. Karl Pribram Interview Distinguished Research Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Program, Georgetown, Universitylink to Dr. Pribram's wikipedia pageThere's a real revolution going on in science. Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, Freud-- their ideas took us away from the center of the universe. The Information revolution is now putting us back at the center. -Holographic brain-Triune Brain-- why he disagrees with

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