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Marketing: Neurofeedback: A New Frontier
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Futurehealth Workshop Marketing Neurofeedback: Think outside the box: Cooperation leads to better Competition
Manufactures Unite Education: Inside: Basic Course: Neuroanatomy Understanding Brainwaves Understanding Protocols Overview of different types of equipment: __Possibly able to rent to buy, rather than buying and discovering not what needed for specific use. Education: Outside Neuropsychologist, Psychologist, Special Educators; Medical; Law Enforcement Community. Markets for Neurofeedback: Rehabilitation Hospital; Residential Facilities?Chronic Illness-TBI, Stroke; Penial Facilities-Rehab of incarcerated individual Markets for Mind Fitness Training: Gyms & health clubs ( train the mind, while you train the body); Home Gyms; Retirement Communities; Assisted Living; Educational Facilities: Schools; Colleges; Home Use- Meditative-QVC & Home Shopping Network. Scientific Study/Research PR- Magazine Articles; Radio; Infomercial Major Organization put $ portion in joint pool for Marketing and PR.


Author: Diane Stoler

Author: Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury International Speaker and Trainer Neuropsychologist Survivor of 2 TBI and an ABI Caregiver of 2 TBI family members Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider

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