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#1 2/19/2010 Les Fehmi & Susan Shor Fehmi; Open Focus, Attention, Brain Synchrony, Couples EEG Training (Rob Kall) a wide ranging interview with Les and Susan, covering much of their work, Les's book, their approach to healing, their ideas about attention, about neurofeedback, about qEEG.
#2 2/16/2010 An interview with Joe Kamiya Inventor of Neurofeedback (Rob Kall) Joe Kamiya, THE inventor of neurofeedback, talking about his original work at University Chicago-- that's right Neurofeedback started at the University of Chicago. And Joe, who did that first work in 1958, also talks about his visions of the future of the field. Joe and I also co-edited the free, online book Textbook of Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, qEEG and Brain Self Regulation  other recording
#3 2/16/2010 Paul Swingle; Brain Stim for Autism, Coma, PTSD; Tying Acupuncture to Neuro/Biofeedback (Rob Kall)  Paul was a professor at University of Otawa and a lecturer at Harvard before he moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he has one of the most successful neurofeedback practices anywhere.We explored a range of topics. Brain Dryver is non-volitional. stim for Autism, ADHD, With PTSD, Alpha is blocked. Use brain dryver to release emotionsCauses more dreams, release of old memories. can deal with coma, severe autism.can combin

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