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#1 10/31/2010 Sig Othmer; Low Frequency neurofeedback (Rob Kall)
#2 9/12/2010 Rae Tattenbaum; Enabling Optimal Performance in Kids, Performers... and spiritual approaches and integration (Rob Kall)
#3 7/18/2010 Tom Collura visions of the future of Neurofeedback, Z-Scores, qEEG and a bit of history (Rob Kall)
#4 7/9/2010 Robert Thatcher Advances in Understanding the Brain, Z-Score Neurofeedback, Why EEG is More Important than ever (Rob Kall)
#5 3/20/2010 Hershel Toomim on Brain Blood Flow, HEG Hemoencephalography Neurofeedback (Rob Kall)
#6 2/16/2010 Interview with Joel Lubar-- ADHD, LORETA, Z-Scores, History (Rob Kall)

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