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FutureHealth Products: Bio Q Customized Stress Check Cards Customize our Bio Q Stress Check card with your logo, address, telephone number or web address.
FutureHealth Products: Bio Q Biofeedback Thermometer Ring World's best selling precision, portable biofeedback device. The BIO-Q Ring detects stress-caused changes in finger temperature (caused by constricted blood vessels).
FutureHealth Products: GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System Small, hand-held, self-contained, battery operated GSR2, with the finger grooves, is a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) monitoring device for home biofeedback. The GSR reflects sweat gland activity and is commonly used to teach stress reduction and management. It provides an audio tone which changes pitch with change in stress response activity.
- Futurehealth, Inc.: Bio Q Relaxation & Stress Control A polished, studio produced relaxation/stress control classic. By Rob Kall, M.ED. and Keith Sedlacek, M.D.
FutureHealth Products: GSR2 and Relax Trace Software GSR2 and new Vista GSR2 Computer Software

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