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# Date Link
#1 6/6/2008 Functions & Pathologies Within 10-20 System - An Integration (Thomas Brownback) Futurehealth Workshop by Thomas & Linda Brownback
#2 7/22/2008 Functions, Pathologies and Frequencies at each of the International 10 - 20 System Placements with Fully Integrated NFB System (BMANS) (Thomas Brownback) Brownback, Tom & Linda. Futurehealth Workshop
#3 6/28/2007 The BMA Neurodiagnostic Data & 10-20 System Integration (Thomas Brownback) Brownback, Thomas & Linda. Futurehealth Workshop
#4 10/1/2008 Understanding the Function, Pathologies and EEG Frequencies at each of the international 10-20 System locations (Thomas Brownback) Futurehealth WinterBrain 4 hour workshop by Tom & Linda Brownback. In this workshop we will look at brain functions at each of the nineteen placement of the International 10-20 System. In addition, we will look at the pathologies, which occur when the brain does not function properly at each of nineteen placements.

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