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# Date Link
#1 6/20/2008 A Shaman's Guide to Neurofeedback: The Convergence of Ancient & Modern Technical Human Transformation (Richard Soutar)
#2 6/20/2008 Advanced Alpha Theta Course (Bill Scott)
#3 6/12/2008 Alpha/Theta NeuroFB to Resolve Disorders & Enhance Consciousness (Nancy White)
#4 11/3/2008 Alpha/Theta Training & Spiritual Dimensions of Counseling (Richard Soutar)
#5 11/3/2008 An Alpha/Theta program for anxiety, PTSD, depression and substance abusers (Dr. Stephen Sideroff, PhD)
#6 11/3/2008 Beyond Alpha/Theta (Bill Scott)
#7 11/3/2008 Breath-walk and neuroFB- how to practice and control this new tool for alpha/theta training (Uwe Gerlach)
#8 6/6/2008 Demystifying Researched Alpha Theta Protocols (Richard Soutar)
#9 11/3/2008 EEG patterns during and following alpha/theta training as predictors of relapse liability in substance abuse (Bill Scott)
#10 11/3/2008 FEAR, PSYCHE, and PREFRONTAL TRAINING (Sebern Fisher)
#11 6/20/2008 Troubleshooting Alpha-Theta (Bill Scott)

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