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# Date Link
#1 9/26/2008 Do I Exist? Ontological Insecurity and Mental Illness (David Kaiser) Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by David Kaiser
#2 11/13/2005 The Alarming Rise in Mental Illness Linked to Increased Drug Use: Causes and Prospective Solutions (Nancy White) Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Nancy White The literature shows that psychotropic drugs worsen the conditions they are prescribed to correct by incapacitating the brain?s own neurochemical facilities. A number of acceptable non-drug treatments exist which we intuitively assume have a balancing effect on neurochemistry without being able to demonstrate how that may occur. Now, some exciting new avenues are being explored that hold promise, but the mechanisms by which they work also are unclear. Thus, a future direction of research is clear: in order to expand the potential of non-pharmocologic approaches we might better demonstrate how brainwave patterns and neurotransmitters affect each other.

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