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Electroencephalography and Sport; Review and Future Directions Electroencephalography and Sport; Review and Future Directions
Bio-Q Thermal Biofeedback and Stress Monitoring Ring The BIO-Q ring has been used at every one of the nation's top ten medical clinics, re-ordered by Yale, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, SCRIPPS, the Menninger Fdtn and thousands of other respected facilities in the U.S. and every continent on the planet.
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Company Endorsements for FutureHealth Futurehealth has for more than 15 years helped to significantly advance the development of biofeedback through its products and excellent annual conferences
Buying a System if you're buying a system, you'll want to check out a number of our pages, starting with Site Map where there are easy links to the most popular biofeedback and neurofeedback systems, and the most popular pages on our 300+ page website.
Breath Training and Respiratory Biofeedback The use of breath-driven heart rate training is hot!! And for good reason. The medical reserach on heart rate variability is solid and deep. The twist biofeedback adds is self regulation.
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Center for Optimal Living Comprehensive, Compassionate, Individual, Couple, and Group Psychotherapy, Biofeedback & Neurofeedback, Stress & Pain Management Training Lifestyle Coaching and Holistic Services devoted to Your Optimal Personal and Professional Functioning and Mind-Body Wellness
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Media, Press, Editors, Science Journalists This website is loaded with great stories which haven't been told yet. We list several hundred presentations at the cutting edges of several exciting fields. Many of our speakers are already famous in their fields.
Wireless EMG The PET EMG measures muscle tension in various muscle groups in the body. It can be used for research or as a tool to reduce tension and induce a more relaxed state. It can also be used to monitor or promote subtle changes in the muscle activity for peak performance training in sports.

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