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Non-Linear Dynamic Neurofeedback: Wrangling Information For the Brain-Computer Interchange
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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Thomas Brod We will consider cases of dramatic recovery with NeuroCare Pro and BrainPaint biofeedback to illustrate the general phenomenon of patient recovery when it appears on the surface that "nothing is happening." To go deeper, we will look at the "scientific" creation-myth of brain and self-regulation training.


Author: Thomas Brod

Thomas M. Brod, MD, DFAPA is a faculty member of the New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA. He has chaired the course on Neurofeedback at the American Psychiatric Association annual meetings for the past four years. In late 2005-early 2006 he organized and chaired two conferences for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles tied to their exhibition entitited, "Ecstasy: In and About Altered States". In May 2007, he will chair a symposium on psilocybin research at this year's American Psychiatric Association annual meeting.

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