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How the Brain Works
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 4 hour workshop presentation by Jay Gunkelman. The depth and complexity of the real workings of the human brain, as well as the sense of mystery and awe seen when really studying the brain will be covered.
Beginning with the anatomy and physiology undelying the genesis of the brain's electrical patterns, we will cover the IFCN's position paper on EEG generators, as well as the structure and function underlying the dymanics of the EEG. This quickly moving talk will cover material in an understandable manner, even though the material is complex.

The traditional EEG bands and metrics will be covered, though the workshop will impart an understanding that transcends the traditional, and allows understanding of the actual functions that these traditional concepts reflect.

The concept of "subtypes" of various DSM categories will be explored, and the more comprehensive "phenotype" approach will be introduced to replace the older ideas of subtypes.

The workshop will differentiate and identify function in the realm of the mind, and that within the realm of the brain's function. These two fundamental systems dynamically interact to provide us with our conscious experience. The current model of mind-brain-consciousness will be the culmination of this short workshop.

The handouts will be via memory stick plug-in (bring your memory stick, or your computer), not paper, to reduce the forestry attrition associated with killing trees to hand off over 300 megabytes of information.


Author: Jay Gunkelman

Starting in 1972 with the first State Hospital based biofeedback laboratory, and then specializing in EEG for decades, Jay is an experienced Clinical and research EEG/qEEG specialist and consultant. Author of many scientific papers, and a mounting list of books, his depth of understanding of the mind/brain's function is helpful in communicating the underlying mechanisms and systems of the brain, mind, and consciousness. Jay is a popular lecturer world-wide, and he has occupied leadership positions in the field's professional societies. Now with Q-Pro, an international EEG/qEEG services group, he provides services world-wide.

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