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John Lowan Meditation and Neuroscience Meditation and Neuroscience (SKU: AH-P-304)
Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by John Lowan and Paul Petty. John and Paul will discuss the new techniques of an alpha-state relaxation meditation for all participants. Neuroscience and Meditation John Lowan, mediation teacher and certified neurotherapy trainer, and Paul Petty, meditator and physician with the Mayo Clinic, will lead an informative and experiential discussion that explores the integration of neuroscience and meditation techniques.
Meditation, Neurowave
Valdeane Brown Awakening Bodhicitta: A Fundamental Framework For Understanding the Transformative Potential of Neurofeedback Awakening Bodhicitta: A Fundamental Framework For Understanding the Transformative Potential of Neurofeedback (SKU: AG-P-040)
Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by Valdeane Brown. Buddhist psychology provides an effective way to truly understand what actually happens during neurofeedback training.
Boddhicitta, Meditation, Meditation, Meditation Through Neurofeedback, Mindfulness Meditation, Neurofeedback, Neuromeditation, Non-linear Dynamics
Kirby Seid Introductory Presentation Introductory Presentation (SKU: AH-P-381)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Kirby Seid. Join us for an exciting discussion introducing The Light Labyrinth Project, an exploration into three vectors of consciousness: the mineral kingdom through ancient quartz crystals, the consciousness of light and color and the expansion of human consciousness through shamanic journeying. We will discuss how crystals, minerals, hypnotic flickering light and sound have been used throughout history to access shamanic healing.
Crystals, Light, Meditation
Pamela Jaye Smith The Original Biofeedback System The Original Biofeedback System (SKU: AH-P-271)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Pamela Jaye Smith Ancient Biofeedback -- The Ajna Center For thousands of years, advanced spiritual disciplines have taught their devotees a sophisticated system of biofeedback. The Ajna Center (often depicted as a small golden sun in front of the forehead) is the chakra that, unlike the others, must be consciously built. Through a progressive process of balancing and integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, the aspirant learns to assess one?s reactions to situations and alter one?s internal mechanism. This presentation will explore the history of the Ajna discipline, the physiology of the processes, and a sample focus and meditation.
Biofeedback, Chakras, Meditation
Robert Schram Thought Control/Modification Through Meditation Thought Control/Modification Through Meditation (SKU: AG-P-179)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Robert Schram "Thought Control/Modification Through Meditation" presents methods and techniques to deal with the issues of: stress, conflict, worry, anxiety, pain, suffering, and overload. Some people are attached to these issues and incorporate them into their daily thoughts allowing them to become counterproductive and sometimes destructive. In many cases detachment to these thoughts can lead to personal liberation and freedom.
Control, Meditation, Stress
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