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Nancy White Trauma Resolution: A Multi-Modality Approach Trauma Resolution: A Multi-Modality Approach (SKU: AG-W2-57)
Futurehealth Workshop by Nancy White Although emotional trauma is increasingly seen as a single condition that expresses itself in many ways, there currently exists no overall diagnosis for it. The DSM IV simply lists specific symptoms (Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, etc.) without addressing the possibility of a larger dynamic. As a result, emotional trauma may not be treated for what it is; a syndrome of which the individual symptoms are just component expressions. Once the practioner can see and identify the underlying dynamic of emotional trauma, he or she can achieve better outcomes. Chronic Trauma Syndrome is best resolved, from this presenters experience, with a multi-modality approach that addresses at least three levels: Neurochemical balance Perceptual renormalization Healing the unconscious In this workshop, we describe Chronic Trauma Syndrome, introduce a number of modalities and how they may work in appropriate combination for various patients, and offer case histories demonstrating the potential of a multi-modality approach.
Neurofeedback, Ptsd, Trauma
Paul Swingle Treatment of emotional trauma Treatment of emotional trauma (SKU: AG-P-139)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Paul Swingle Emotional trauma is often revealed in the intake QEEG. The pattern is a blunted or absent alpha response. Behavioral consequences of the blunted alpha include poor memory, anxiety conditions and sleep qualitiy problems. Methods for treating trauma with neurotherapy and emotion al release techniques are presented
Pseudoseizure Disorder, Ptsd, Trauma Release
Showing 1-2 of 2 items
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