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Hal Myers president and co-founder of the world's largest biofeedback company

Broadcast 8/15/2010 at 1:00 AM EDT (112 Listens, 72 Downloads, 2204 Itunes)
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Hal Myers interview notes

started in biofeedback in 1973.

When I started doing therapy in the field in 1974 we were using mostly EMG, GSR and temperature.

Alex Bilodeau practiced, using biofeedback, to relax that alert and activate again.

Able to recompose self after a false start in speed skating. Hundredths of a second make a real difference.

AC Milan and Chelsea soccer teams using Mind Room-- players learn to keep physiology in ideal state.
New-- Reaction time-- feedback-- Â Â tutorial.
suite of software.
requires AV sync, push button.

AC Milan Bruno De Michelis now at Chelsea.

Biofeedback Foundation of Europe-- BFE.org
  Projects-- clinicians with specific interests in an area-- people will create come up with a study, create a protocol, accumulate date, try to come with a standardized techniques that deal with the problem.  Headed by Mark Schwartz.

inclinometry algometry.

Cover incontinence, pain, chiropractic, rehabilitiation markets besides psychology.

Patented technique for detecting malingering pain. Uses inclinometer and simultaneously monitors psychophysiological responses when a person reports pain.

Algometer-- imagine pressing a pencil with eraser into a body and measuring how far before pain--

Electrical stim-- sees how much pain can be taken by electrical stimulation.
If real pain, there is autonomic activity consistency.

Malingerers show inconsistent patterns.
Small study saved $3 million dollars in first ten patients in terms of lifetime health care costs.

Chiropractic EMG and psychophysiological assessment.

sensor -- combination of infra-red and EMG.
People often have imbalance of muscle activity up and down the back.

Go up and down each side of the back paraspinally.
Compare each site with a database.

Pain sites can be colder. So use infrared to also get temperature on site at same time as measuring EMG.

Do a stress assessment-- psychophysiological stress profile.
Theory is that subluxations-- imbalances in the back cause a lot of the stress response. Theory is that adjusting the back  can reduce stress.
Takes about eight minutes to perform the stress profile.

GSR2 history
Calmpute computer version
car race game, oscilloscope, bar-graph
Leonard Nimoy promoted a private labeled version of it.

Biograph was first windows software for biofeedback.

Slow cortical potential
Evoked Potential-- auditory and visual
new Biograph Infiniti software-- quickstart very easy to use.

Applying for FDA approval for EEG biofeedback for ADD/ADHD
advantages of doing it alone, just as Thought Technology as compared to a group of companies or orgs doing it as a group.

Couples psychophysiology-- ability to measure and collect physiology of two people together.
If stress is too high noise is made so both people have to calm down before conversation can continue.

Use of biofeedback in museums--

McGill University bought 60 biograph systems to study physiological  reaction to monitor symphony orchestra and audience

Using psychophysiology to monitor advertising, movies...

Tied in with machines like Cybex, motion tracking systems,

National Instruments now using TT sensors with their data acquisition boards. using TT produced voltage isolator.

Philosophy of hardware: Any input should do anything--

Size: 42,244,002 -- 1 hrs, 27 min, 57 sec


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One theme has run through my work for the past 40 plus years-- a desire to play a role in waking people up, raising their consciousness and empowering them. I was the organizer founder of the Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meetings and president of Futurehealth, Inc., with interests in (more...)

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