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Approaching NF As An Applied Non-Duality Practice
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by Valdeane Brown.

Many different theoretical and practical approaches to NF have been presented. Many practitioners rely on some variation of basic Learning Theory or Operant Conditioning as their fundamental framework. Others consider that a "Coaching" or "Participant Observation" model if more useful and appropriate. Others understand NF to bea form of quasi or actually medical intervention for the direct treatment of various disorders. There are profound limitations and problems with each of these approaches.

An alternative view is to recognize that this cutting edge technology is simply the latest and most comprehensive implementation of ancient approaches to personal transformation. Even here differing theories and preferences abound. Some believe that complex theories of Self and self-transcendence or intricate cartographies of consciousness and expanded states of awareness are essential. However, there are a number of perils that can be found in those path as well.

This presentation takes a different, more fundamental approach: viz, that NF is simply the clearest expression of ancient non-duality practices. This means that the concepts of Engaged Compassion and Absolute Bodhicitta are foundational for the "best practice" of NF. The implication of this view are profound and involve the possibility even necessity of ongoing engagement and personal transformation on the part of the practitioner as well as the "client" as well as an increasing simplification of the actual task(s) in NF, while the technology itself becomes increasingly complex in operation but even simpler in how it is operated.

The setting for this increased elegance of applied NF will be demonstrated in NeuroCare Pro, but the ideas are foundational and inform every form of NF, regardless of the particular system, approach or technology used.


Author: Valdeane Brown

Dr. Valdeane W. Brown is an internationally recognized "trainer of trainers", who teaches and consults widely on personal and organizational transformation and computer systems. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a background in math, physics, computer programming, philosophy, yoga, meditation and martial arts, Dr. Brown brings a presence and precision to his work, informed by a deep sense of compassion, a profound facility with energy dynamics and commitment to revealing the elegant simplicity inherent in learning and transformation. Developer of the Five Phase Model and co-creator with his wife Sue of the Period 3 Approach to Clinical Neurofeedback, Dr. Brown has realized his vision of a truly comprehensive training system in NeuroCARE Pro©, which he personally designed and implemented, meticulously integrating it with Sue’s practical wisdom and experience. Dr. Brown provides comprehensive training, consultation and supervision to fellow professionals and healers as well as his clients, and is frequently called upon by colleagues to assist in resolving difficult clinical situations. His vision in bringing NeuroCARE Pro® to the world is to make personal transformation effortless and available to all.

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