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BioExplorer Tutorial Workshop
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Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Peter VanDeusen

This workshop will orient participants to using BioExplorer software to perform assessments and training sessions, record and review training sessions and change training parameters during the session, including thresholds and feedback. It will demonstrate a variety of training capabilities, including binaural beats, ratio or percent training, peak frequency, coherence, phase, symmetry and squash protocols as well as the standard amplitude-based protocols.

Those with laptops are welcome to bring them and practice along with the trainer. Information on protocol packages and video files will also be provided.

3. AGENDA: Attach a detailed description of what you will do during the time allotted. Please indicate time for all segments, including breaks and meals.

Hour 1: File structure and screen elements in BioExplorer; installation and the dongle, demonstration of an assessment done on BioExplorer.

Hour 2: Running a session (using playback and record functions) to demonstrate changing thresholds, sound and video feedback, power spectrum and waveform displays. Also covers use of dual monitors.

Hour 3: Reviewing session results, including use of BioReview, in graph and table format; changing the resolution of the graph, adding and deleting signals and frequencies and setting up new reports.

Hour 4: Setting up designs and/or revising templates, including an overview of the flow-charting system, the Signal Diagram and the various objects and their connections.

4. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: List 3-5 learning objectives. Format as what participants will be able to DO after the session, not what the presenter intends to COVER during the session. Begin each objective with a verb from the attached list of behavioral verbs.

1. Perform and record a training session in BioExplorer software;
2. Revise training parameters and feedback options including thresholds;
3. Produce graphical summaries of training sessions and output tabular data;
4. Create a BioExplorer Design to use in training sessions;
5. Upload and place design, media and report files;


Author: Peter VanDeusen

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