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Introduction to the Biograph Infiniti Suite for TLC Assessment and Training
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VanDeusen, Peter and DuPont, Francois, Ph D. The TLC Assessment system created by Peter VanDeusen (The Learning Curve - TLC) provides numerous integrated views of the data from 10 to 12 sites and entails a process for looking at brain patterns as a basis for determining training plans quickly and effectively. It enables users to produce detailed pictures of brain activation patterns in about 60 minutes.
The TLC System created by Peter Van Deusen integrates an elaborate yet simple assessment procedure using regular EEG encoders, with a powerful 2 channel training approach easy to use for the trainee and the trainer. The assessment takes about 60 minutes depending on number of electrodes and sites. The assessment tool provides 10 to 18 channels of EEG data in 7 views (histograms, headmaps, ratios, coherences, peak frequency data, etc.) and contains a built-in system for reviewing the data in a structured way focused on identifying effective training strategies. The system also includes a computerized subjective assessment form which guides trainers to sites of special interest based on sympton constellations in a way that is firmly based on quantitative EEG research.


Author: Peter VanDeusen

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