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The Happiness Response
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Your positive experiences and the good feelings those experiences produce are your most valuable assets, your greatest treasures.

These positive experiences, PE's for short, are the basic building blocks for your most valuable inner strengths. They give you the ability to face adversity, enthusiastically face challenges, feel good and confident about yourself. These are the cherished possessions which enable you to love and to be loved, to be happy and have fun, to be caring, committed, courageous and willing to take risks.

So it makes sense to build skills in all aspects of positive experiences and good feelings. That's the goal of this book -- to pass on to you what I've learned from working with well over 1000 clients, students, workshop participants, psychiatrists, psychologists, student executives, athletes and healthcare workers. Some came with complaints, symptoms and diagnoses, more came with just an interest in how to get more out of life, more out of the good experiences they were already encountering. The varieties of PEs include not just times when you're happy and having fun, but also those character building events when you experience pain and adversity, yet you find the inner strength to persevere and ultimately to make things better.


Author: FutureHealth Products

Tools, information and inspiration to transform yourself and the planet -- to go beyond not sick to optimal health and functioning -- a unique resource for biofeedback, neurofeedback, QEEG, appliedpsychophysiology, consciousness, stress and pain management, consciousness, personal transformation -- a source of cutting edge meetings, information, instruments, systems, books, tapes, supplies, training, and consultation for professionals and consumers alike.

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