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Use of Multiple Databases, New EEG Artifacting Techniques and LORETA Analysis for NFB Interventions
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Lubar, Joel. Futurehealth Workshop
Come prepared to smile!!! In this dynamic, upbeat workshop, certified laughter leader and smile expert Wendy Maltz will lead participants through a wide variety of therapeutic smile exercises.

Following a brief discussion of smile musculature, types, and the benefits of smiling, we will practice Rob Kall¹s pumping smile iron and biofeedback exercises, cosmetic dentistry smile exercises, the kundalini yogic smile, Thich Naht Hanh¹s Buddhist smile practice, Mantak Chia¹s Taoist inner smile meditation (following a video), smile exercises for borderline personality patients, and more. Learn techniques that you can integrate in personal, research, and therapeutic settings. Discover the power of your own smile and the uplifting contagiousness of smiling with others.


Author: Joel Lubar

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