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Advanced Meeting Colloquium Feb 21-25,1997

5th Annual Winter Conference on Brain Function/EEG, Modification & Training: Advanced Meeting Colloquium Feb 21-25,1997 Palm Springs CA, Organized by Rob Kall Abstract

Group vs. Individual EEG training for the

High Performance Mind

Anna Wise
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We have a finely woven, intricate interrelationship of brainwave frequencies that delicately determines our states of consciousness.

Being able to intentionally alter the combination of beta, alpha, theta, and delta in both hemispheres is an intrinsic part of developing the self-mastery that leads to a High Performance Mind -one that can enter the state of consciousness that is most beneficial or desirable for any given circumstance.

The optimum brainwave pattern for creativity, healing, insight and all forms of high performance combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. Originally discovered in yogis, swamis and those in higher states of consciousness by C. Maxwell Cade, this awakened mind pattern can also be found during the "ah-ha" experience and all forms of peak performance, regardless of activity, content, intention, philosophy or theology.

Using the Mind Mirror(TM) EEG for biofeedback and biomonitoring, and different methods of meditation, sensualization and deep psycho-physiological relaxation, High Performance Mind brainwave training takes place in two formats: individual consultation or group training.

Both use the following generalized protocol:

Eyes Closed
1. Increase relaxation
2. Access Theta
3. Reduce Beta
4. Access Alpha
5. Address Hemispheric Balance
6. Address Delta
7. Stabilize Alpha
8. Stabilize Theta
9. Alpha and Theta together
10. Add Beta for Awakened Mind
11. Stabilize Awakened Mind

Eyes Open
1. Alpha
2. Alpha and Theta
3. Awakened Mind

Both models work with the state and the content of consciousness.
Differences are as follows:

Individual sessions begin with a brainwave profile which establishes baseline signature patterns for eyes open and closed. Protocol is then personalized accordingly. Biomonitoring can be used to effectively shape the desired pattern by instantly altering guidance to suit immediate needs. Biofeedback is given when desired state is reached. Client recognizes state and learns to recreate it intentionally. Interactive dialogue during trance works with subconscious content and can also be used to access and develop alpha and theta. The client is able to work on brainwave states and content issues in a highly individualized method and pace.

Group training takes place in weekend (five sessions) or 5-day (thirteen sessions) intensives. Sessions are 2-3 hours. Size is limited to 16-18 people with 50% of participants being monitored each session. Patterns are observed and reported to participants following training. Table of subjective landmarks with several dozen subjective experiences related to brainwave states is used to help participants find "keys" for returning to and mastering different frequency combinations. The intensity of working for extended periods, sharing personal content and hearing the variety of other's experiences, the isolation of a retreat setting, the effect of group entrainment and development of empathy, and the opportunity to gain knowledge of one's consciousness and a model for continuing development in a compact period of time, all contribute to making group brainwave training a unique, effective, and rewarding experience.

Group training is also highly cost effective for the client and equally time effective for the practitioner.

The High Performance Mind
Anna Wise
Different methods of meditation, sensualization, and psychophysiological relaxation affect our brainwaves in particular ways. In this workshop you will learn techniques for brainwave development and management, working with both the state and content of consciousness to understand how to create the components for a High Performance Mind.