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Smiles awake you when you rise.
Beatles, Golden Slumbers

Animals awaken first facially, then bodily. Men's bodies wake up before their faces do. The animal sleeps within its body; man sleeps with his body in his mind.

"The method of awakening the Mind to a Variety of Inventions.
...a new kind of speculative invention, which though apparently trifling and almost laughable, is nevertheless of great utility in assisting the genius to find variety for composition.
By looking attentively at old and smeared walls, or stones and veined marble of various colors, you may fancy that you see in them several compositions, landscapes, battles, figures in quick motion, strange countenances, and dresses, with an infinity of other objects. By these confused lines the inventive genius is excited to new exertions."

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
Einstein, Albert

Awake, arise, or be forever fall'n.

People sleep, and when they die, they awake.

Tranquility in love is a disagreeable calm. A happiness that is quite undisturbed becomes tiresome; we must have ups and downs; the difficulties which are mingled with love awaken passion and increase pleasure.

How can you determine whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state.
Plato, Theatetus, 158 B

Lulled in the countless chambers of the brain,
Our thoughts are linked by many a hidden chain.
Awake but one, and lo! what myriads rise!
Each stamps its image as the other flies."
Rogers: Pleasures of Memory, Pt.i, line 171

"Into every intelligence there is a door which is never closed, through which the creator passes. The intellect, seeker of absolute truth, or the heart, lover of absolute good, intervenes for our succor, and at one whisper of these high powers, we awake from ineffectual struggles with this nightmare. We hurl it into its own hell, and cannot again contract ourselves to so base a state."
Ralph Waldo Emerson.