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Neurofeedback at Infra-low Frequencies of the EEG

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The combination of these two challenges in the phase domain appears to cover the terrain of enhanced state regulation in considerable generality, and it achieves this with remarkable efficiency compared to our earlier methods. (We are concerned here with persistent or baseline states, as distinct from the brain's response to challenges such as reading, auditory processing, or other complex decoding task. The latter may well call upon additional approaches such as those being developed by Kirt Thornton.) Our approach has the virtue of fully engaging the client in the process. The work in this paradigm also seems more satisfying to the clinicians involved, once they unmoor themselves from the earlier thinking. The work calls upon the clinician's highest skills of observation and of engaging with clients. The language and discourse, however, wrap largely around issues of state regulation, not content as in psychotherapy. However, if one observes the neurofeedback in the hands of a psychotherapist, one would no longer be able to draw a dividing line between the psychotherapy and the neurofeedback. It is time for insurance coding to catch up with the reality. Psychotherapy is best conducted by taking physiology into account.

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Siegfried Othmer has been active in neurofeedback for more than twenty years, through instrumentation development, clinical research, and the conduct of professional training courses.

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