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Neurofeedback using HEG

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It is noteworthy that the HEG study falls into a completely new treatment effi ciency category. HEG gains are more than double the gains shown for other techniques.

From these studies we can see that the procedures are very tolerant of provider skills. One can hardly go wrong. The major variable is the cost to the patient. There are no known side effects for HEG treatments. Can't remember? Can't focus? Misplace things? Slow learning? Always tired? Turned around?

These are some common physical brain problems.

Healthy brains have adequate blood flow. Problem brains have insufficient blood flow to limited brain areas.

Several brain areas are involved in whatever you do. Finding the affected areas is key. A non-invasive directed brain exercise is indicated.

Please refer to Toomim's Questionnaire, designed to point out the brain areas needing exercise to counter hypoperfusion.

Ten/Twenty International
Brain Position Naming System

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Lifetime in innovative research resulting in many honors, patents, and pioneering development of biofeedback computer based instrumentation including Biocomp 2010 followed by invention of hemoencephalography (HEG)

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